We are glad that you have selected KABC as your community church and want to become a member of the family. According to our bylaws, a KABC member is defined as the following:

A. Candidacy
1. Presentation:
     a. The church shall receive under watch care anyone who may offer him or herself as a candidate for
membership in this church.
     b. Each candidate will present themselves by one of the following methods:
          (1) By profession of faith and for baptism according to the policies of the church.
          (2) By promise of a letter of recommendation from another Baptist church.
          (3) By statement that they:
               (a) Have been converted and scripturally baptized by immersion.
               (b) Understand and agree to the faith and practice of this church.
          (4) By request and approval of the church:
               (a) For dual membership.
               (b) By meeting one of the three methods listed above.
               (c) Each candidate will receive appropriate counseling to include attendance in the new
member’s class.
               (d) Candidates under the age of 14 who present themselves for membership will be required to
attend the new member’s class upon reaching the age of 14.